Today In History

27 June

 Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay or Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (27 June 1838 –8 April 1894) was a Bengali writer, poet and journalist. He was the composer of India’s national song Vande Mataram, originally a Bengali and Sanskrit stotra personifying India as a mother goddess and inspiring the activists during the Indian Independence Movement. Chattopadhyay wrote thirteen novels […]

20 June

  20 June 1996: Government of India refuses to sign CTBT at the Geneva Conference India refused to sign the CTBT reasoning that the treaty was discriminatory. The United States, which had fired and tested more than 2000 nuclear devices which had the capacity of destroying the world many times […]

7 June

  7 June 1983: Mohandas Gandhi carried out first act of civil disobedience. On 7 June 1893, Mohandas Gandhi, then a young Indian lawyer recently arrived in South Africa, was asked to shift from the first class compartment of a train even though he had a valid ticket, just because […]

31 May

  31 May 1987:  John Abraham, Indian director and screenwriter died. John Abraham’s film career begun small, as an assistant director for a Hindi film named Uski Roti in 1969. He assisted one of his professors from FTII, Mani Kaul, for this film. The work gave him ample exposure to land […]

25 May

  25 May 1606: Guru Arjun Dev, spiritual leader of Sikhs and Hindus, was massacred at the instruction of Emperor Jehangir. Please follow and like us:

24 May

  24 May 2000: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Indian poet and songwriter, died Majrooh Sultanpuri was the man behind over five decades of Hindi film song lyrics starting 1945 till his death on 24 May 2000. A renowned Urdu poet and songwriter, this lyricist legend from the Sultanpur village of Uttar Pradesh, […]

23 May

  23 May 1919: Gayatri Devi was born Gayatri Devi embodies one of the finest royalties in India. An Indian princess, then a queen, and then the Rajmata, Gayatri Devi’s life combines the glamour, adventure, and tryst of royal living. She is renowned for her “unparalleled beauty” and courage in […]