4 May


4 May 1767: Tyagaraja, Carnatic music legend, was born

Tyagaraja, born to a Telugu Brahmin family on the 4th of May 1767, was named after Lord Shiva (Tyagaraja), the main deity in the Tiruvarur temple. He was the third and youngest son to his parents, Kakaria Ramabrahma and Sitamma. It is believed that before his birth his father saw Lord Shiva in his dream, who told him that his wife would be giving birth to a son, who would be proficient in music and literature.

Saint and composer of the 18th and 19th centuries – Tyagaraja’s name is uttered with great respect in both the devotional and classical music community. One of the greatest figures in Carnatic music, Tyagaraja through his devotional songs not only appeased the gods, he also left behind a legacy that is still followed by the Indian classical musicians.

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