US to get involved in Indo-Pak peace process

In it’s first ever comment on the Kashmir issue, Trump administration opened up on conflict surrounding the South Asian neighbors, India and Pakistan . US ambassador to United Nations, Nikki Haley, stated that United States would find its place and play its part in de-escalating tension between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue. United States, especially Obama administration has always maintained that it was an internal matter of India and Pakistan. “We don’t think, we should wait till something happens. We very much think that we should be proactive in the way that we are seeing tensions rise and conflicts start to bubble up, and so we want to see if we can be a part of that” she said while addressing a press conference after assuming the role of President of the Security Council for the month of April. India always maintained that Kashmir was a bilateral issue. However, Pakistan always kept the heat going by highlighting the issue in all international forums, sponsoring stone pelting, funding terrorism and thereby ensuring constant unrest in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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