OFBJP celebrates BJP victory in Chicago, USA


Chicago, USA: OFBJP has celebrated UP, Utrakhand,Goa , Manipur  Victories & had done planning session to support  BJP in Delhi MCD election  2017 in Chicago today in carol stream. Over 500+ bjp  volunteers  and sympathizer  were present in that program. Program proceeding as below.


‘Deepprajvlan’  by dignitaries and senior  members  of OFBJP & from associated organizations. Then Amar Upadhyay ji started the program by delivering the welcome message , there after Rohit Joshi Ji has shared  his experience  of UP election where NRIs team worked during the recently held vidhan shabha elections.

Nirav Patel, a youth leader of OFBJP talked about ongoing activities and future planning of how to increase the volunteer membership and how to engage them in meaningful activities in Midwest area. He has also shared plan to support in Delhi MCD election 2017 as well as in other states.

Khemchand Sharma, Convener of BJP Communication cell and member of MCD Election2017 campaign committee, started with how NRIs are important for any of election in India particularly in Delhi  in current scenarios.  He has co-related NRI as a reflection of INDIA  as Delhi being as capital or mini India. He said outside people know about INDIA by the behavior and acts of NRI’s.  He congratulated NRIs for being successful in reflecting  positive and progressive INDIA  outside. At the same time Delhi is also reflection of INDIA for outsiders but unfortunately because of a corrupt government of congress for 10 years and an anarchist government of Kejriwal, Delhi failed to show case as a progressive, modern and developed city.  Kejriwal  got the majority because of aspirations of people to which he has not even meet 10%. He requested to break kejriwal’s propaganda that NRIs are with him by  spreading message here in US and communicating the people in Delhi during elections campaign. He requested Office bearers of OfBJP to  deploy team of your volunteers to each ward for next 1 month for on and offsite campaign support. He has also shared message of the BJP Delhi  in-change Shri Shyam Jaju ji and BJP Delhi President Shri  Manoj Tiwari ji to gathering.

Shri Bharat Barai (a prominent leader and ‘life time achievement NRI awardees):  he has congratulated gathering for the landslide victory of BJP in recently held elections and talked about the importance of the BJP win in the UP and Uttarakhand,  He also talked about how people were exploited and looted during SP and BSP regimes.

OFBJP Leadership has promised support for BJP Delhi in MCD Election 2017, Many NRIs will soon fly to Delhi for on ground campaign and remaining volunteers (about 200+ ) will campaign remotely from US.

                                                                                                          *Press release from OFBJP, USA

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