Yogi Adityanath: BJP’s biggest Hindutva gambit!

Yogi Adityanath has been BJP’s biggest political Hindutva gambit. It’s not an overstatement if I were to say this move holds a bigger stake than those of Advani and Vajpayee times, reason being, changing times and expectations. It needs to be reminded that BJP could win a massive mandate of 120 seats in 1991, primarily due to its Hindutva agenda. However, times have changed, and with it people’s aspirations and expectations have changed. With Modi in the game, “development” became the new mantra, so much so, even Akhilesh Yadav chanted the same mantra for UP elections in 2017, though he failed miserably in securing seats.

Appointing Yogi as Chief Ministerial candidate could have been a surprise statement for the press and people, but, a careful thought suggests otherwise. Yogi must have been very much in the decks ever since the historic mandate of 312 seats by BJP in UP elections of 2017. Yogi is known for his fierce, rabid Hindutva speeches. Politically speaking, this is needed to counter his ideological arch rivals, Akbaruddin and Asaduddin Owasis. His speeches could have benefitted BJP, by a slim margin, in securing seats. However, the stark reality states, this approach won’t work in the office, for, office and elections are two different things. Elections in Indian politics demand acerbic remarks, lame accusations, religious and caste polarizations and literally no proof of work. However, CMO needs the Chief to be composed, inclusive and thoughtful. It can be argued that BJP has rewarded UP janta with a Hindutva rabid dummy. Media has been on a castigation rampage ever since the news of Yogi as CM, broke out. All of these only make Yogi more responsible and creative. A token of this could be witnessed when he called for a meeting within a day of his swearing-in ceremony and promised to fulfill all BJP’s poll promises. Call it wishful thinking, but there is no other option but to stay hopeful of UP ‘vikas’. Hoping against hope or hoping for hope, remains to be seen!

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